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[TFA] "You trust me, don't you?" - Longarm/Blurr

Aha. AHAHAHAHA. You probably have no freakin' clue who any of these characters are, but if you take the time to read this (God forbid), enjoyyyyyy. Originally written for the TF Kink meme because I love this pairing.

Rated R to NC-17 for plug 'n play and spark sex. (....Those are how robots have sex. Srsly.)

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Removed some maintainers simply because it was in the heat of a moment when I forced you guys to join and this comm is never being used. xD

Still love you all! But I am planning on posting sometime soon and I really don't want to flood your f-lists. So feel free to defriend now! Don't feel bad because I'll hold no grudges! xO

This comm is still used for fandom related things!

I love you guys. Take care. ♥
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[Hetalia]Fandom Favourites

Sorted according to pairings. ♥

The best fics according to me, and my very biased opinions, in the meme! Please take note that I did not read all the fics in the meme(I pick and choose all the time)-- this is just a list so I can go back to my favourite fics whenever I can and to recommend to others instead of digging through hundreds of comments. :) ♥

edit; This turned into a mixture of fics and art now! From the kink meme, and also the Hetalia LJ community links. x)) So now it's been turned into a huge pool of best fics according to me! enjoyable and awesome fics, yesss. ♥ :D

Some of the fics actually don't have a title! But I gave it a name by picking out a word/phrase from the fic so it'd look less awkward with the ones with titles. xD

last updated may 25 09

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[Kuro]Ciel!girl- I AM NOT GAY!

[30 Kisses] Kuroshitsuji; Sebastian/Ciel

look over herenews/letterjolt!
our distance and that personhey, you knowbetween dream and reality
superstarour own worlddash
#10gardeniain a good mood
excessive chainradio cassette playerperfect blue
invincible/unrivaledkHzsay "ahh"
redthe road homeviolence, pillage & plunder
fenceif only i could make you mineoverflow
wada calcium CD3the sound of waveskiss
bonus 1

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[SC]IkutoAmu- look at me only

[Emi]Series Listing

Not really a fandom list.

More like a list of series I've already tackled. > 3< And that I am able to fandom for. This list is made mostly of anime/manga series with the exception of a few dating sim games(*), cartoons(!), dramas(d) and books(`).

Anime/Manga list-- approx. 170

last updated;; July 31 2010

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