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[Hetalia]Fandom Favourites 
1st-Mar-2009 12:07 am
Sorted according to pairings. ♥

The best fics according to me, and my very biased opinions, in the meme! Please take note that I did not read all the fics in the meme(I pick and choose all the time)-- this is just a list so I can go back to my favourite fics whenever I can and to recommend to others instead of digging through hundreds of comments. :) ♥

edit; This turned into a mixture of fics and art now! From the kink meme, FF.net and also the Hetalia LJ community links. x)) So now it's been turned into a huge pool of best fics according to me! enjoyable and awesome fics, yesss. ♥ :D

Some of the fics actually don't have a title! But I gave it a name by picking out a word/phrase from the fic so it'd look less awkward with the ones with titles. xD

last updated may 25 09

Romerica and Canadiet [A+ // fem!Canada]
Don't Forget Your Mittens
High School AU [A+ // most amazing au ever]
Drink Molson
O Cannabis [+ England]
Practice Makes Perfect
Happy Birthday, Canada
Bagged milk
Sweet Uncertainty
Cutting Back on Cheeseburgers
Northeast Blackout of 2003
Opening Heaven's Gates [A+]
My Hero
Please Capture Me [A+]
306.7 [A++ forever]
Think of the English Countryside [+ England]
Baby, It's Cold Outside [+ Minnesota + Wisconsin]
Fatherly Figure [fem!America]
It's For Science! [+ N. italy]
Really. It's For Science [+ N. Italy]
Fade [!test subjecting]
April 14th
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Mockingbird [!non-con]
I'm Sorry
Gains and Losses

Two Sides of the Story
Comment Box'd
The Champagne Directive [A+]
Lick, Twist, Dunk
A Few Drinks
Mix and Match [double date with Ron/Hermione, Edward/Bella]
Finally [+ Russia]
Hero's Welcome
Why It's Called a Special Relationship [+ Obama and Brown walking in]
Pieta [fem!England + little!America]
Dust In Your Eyes
And This Is The End [+ world]
The F Word
Being a Hero Can Be Really Tough

Short but Manly

Go West [+ Canada]
Under Skies of Cornflower Blue
Toothbrush [bulimic!America]
Forgiveness [sequel to Opening Heaven's Gates]
Bud I Want One
Who Slept With Alfred Jones?
Stand United [sequel to Forgiveness]

America + Canada + England:
Not One Raindrop Thinks It's the Cause of the Flood
Happy Father's Day

America + Canada + Russia:

America + Canada + England + France:
An Education of Sorts [+ Russia// A+]
Lack of Notions
The Duel
Interrupting Movie Night
When We Were Young

Canadian Invasion of Turkey [A+]
The Great Smog [/ England]
Gates [+ Japan]
Next Door Down [+ Mexico]
He Hated It When They Cried [!vampire-ism + America/England]
As If You Can't Forget
Twin Eagles [A+]
Tangible Ghosts [+ Quebec]
Killing Time [A+]
Canada's Pest Problems

Tea in Westminster
Gloria Patri
Tea Time
Poker Contracts [A+]
A Game of Points [+ France/Canada]
If You Want the World, You've Got To Destroy To Create [!dub-con]
Hockey Night in Canada [A+ // hottest Canada ever]
Mistakened Identity [+ America]

Lioness Rampant [!non-con // A+]

Pirate Gentleman [+ goldfish]
Cupid [+ world]
228 Years Later

Quebec Isn't the Only Part of Matthew Francis Wants
Devotion [+ England]
La vie en Rose
Remember Me, the One Who Live There
Delicate Things [A+ // fem!Canada]
Party Time [+ England cockblock]
One Night in Canada

This is All Kinds of Ridiculous [!mpreg]
It Starts in Vegas [+bonus // A+]
Centuries [A+]
Bloody Fields [!non-con + Canada]
Whipping [!bdsm]
Let's Do It All Again
Five Times France Realizes That He Loves England [second fill-- need to scroll down]
A Time of Amnesty and Grace [A+]
Noble Rot

When France Sneezes...

France + England + Canada:
Daddy Issues [!2x pen]

Germany/N. Italy:
Expectant [fem!Italy]

The 4000 Year Old Virgin [fail!sex]

Drawing Lines

Russia + England + America:
Fear of God

Near as Neighbours [A+]
Russian Village
Love, the Kind You Can Clean Up With a Mop and Bucket
The One Without Sin is the Bearer of the Cross [+ America // !non-con]
Training [!bdsm]
Lines [+ America // !non-con]
Fight for the Top
Beaver Invasion [A+]
Wedding [art fill]
Bigger Than You
India's Song
Stolen Kiss
No Mean Art

Tropical Revelations [fem!Russia]
For the Love of a Child [+ France/England + America]
Haikus [+ LiveJournal]
Yum [!cannibalism]

Runaway Brides [Russia/Canada + America/England // A+]
Cast a Dark Shadow [General Winter/Canada // A+]
Mama Pangea [Pangea]
Drugs For Change [World]
We Don't Need No Stikin' Prophecies! [England + Voldemort // A+]
The Perfect Defence [world conference pokemon battle]
A Country and Their Soldier [all fills are amazing // A+]
Stalking [Lithuania stalking Belarus who is stalking Russia]
The Adventures of World Task Force G5! [America, England, France, Russia, China]
Disorder and Discord [World]
FML.com [World]
It's Like a Party [h1n1 virus + world]
The World is Changing [A+++]
Conquerors of Worlds
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